Training & Communication

To support our Company and our Client’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Systems Development and Task Risk Management needs, JSL provides specific training solutions aimed at ensuring that personnel are competent and able to meet the requirements of their jobs during heavy vehicles driving, crane operation, multiaxle operation, maneuvering, etc. Hence, our staff is adequately trained, tested, experienced and assessed for requisite performance & QHSE Management.

This can include such areas as:

  • Safety inductions for all personnel, followed by company specific and job based QHSE training such as Permit to Work, Job Safety Analysis, and Safety Observation Auditing.
  • Task Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Crisis Management for managers and supervisors.
  • Safety Observations and Conversations forms which are an essential element in the monitoring and improvement of management systems.
  • Training programs developed to produce an awareness of quality, health, safety and environmental issues.

Continuous training, guidance, support, encouragement and persistent efforts from our clients, has gone a long way to make JSL a “safety conscious” organization

Future Outlook:

To uphold and enhance our present QHSE Standards with continuous improvement, monitoring, evaluation and exhaustive communication