Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Jehangir Services (Private) Limited and its subsidiaries to conduct all operations to handle and dispose of all materials safely and without creating unacceptable health, environment and safety risks. The company will:

Establish and maintain programs to assure that laws and regulations  applicable to heavy load transportation are known and obeyed.

Adopt appropriate industry or corporate standards where adequate laws or regulations do not exist and

Discontinue any operation if the health, environmental or safety risks or coats are unacceptable.

To carry out this policy, Jehangir Services (Private) Limited will:

  1. Identify and control public health, environmental, safety hazards stemming from its operations and continue to improve QHSE system.
  2. Conduct accident prevention. Product safety, occupational health and pollution control and assurance programs to safeguard employees and the public from injuries or health hazard, to protect the company’s assets and continuity of operations, and to protect the environment.
  3. Work constructively with trade associations, government agencies and other to develop equitable and realistic laws, regulations and standards to protect public health, safely and the environment.
  4. Recognize the environment impact of its operation and promote efficient energy use and reduction of wastes and emissions.
  5. Conduct periodic audits to obtain feedback and assurance, and to maximize performance and control loss.
  6. Encourage employees to report suspected or potential health, environment or safety risks to appropriate personnel within the company so as to enable the company to assess and respond to such risks appropriately.


Every employee is expected to adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of this policy and make health, environment and safety a priority in his or her daily activities and planning. Managers have a special obligation to keep informed about health, environment and safety risks and standards and to advice higher management promptly of any adverse situation, which comes to their attention.